Invest in a Better World.

Better Performance: A growing body of research shows that sustainable investments have kept up with or outperformed mainstream strategies. This is one of the fastest growing segments of the investment world as more and more institutions and individuals question where their money is invested.

Impact the World: One of the most powerful ways to effect positive change is to vote with your wallet. Impact Fiduciary's goal is to avoid ethically challenged companies susceptible to disruption while investing in organizations that are solving some of the world's biggest challenges.

Smart Strategy: During our comprehensive review, we will identify your specific goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. Then, take into account any additional screens or customizations for your individual strategy. Our innovative indexing approach is designed to keep costs low while maximizing performance and minimizing risk.

Sustainable Investment Themes: Below you'll find a sampling of the sustainability issues taken into account when building a customized, diversified portfolio. What else is important to you? Schedule a complimentary appointment to learn more.


Divest/invest: No fossil fuel companies

Impact Fiduciary avoids all fossil fuel companies.  Over the next decade, fossil fuel companies will continue to decouple from the world economy as global warming and economic forces warrant the use of lower cost alternative energy sources. Solar and wind power are becoming exponentially more cost efficient. It is now cheaper to utilize solar than to build natural gas or coal plants in third world countries. Fossil fuel companies have a collective market value in the trillions of dollars and have spent massively to instill doubt about man-made global warming. Impact Fiduciary will reinvest this money in utilities and alternative energy companies that are harnessing the power of solar and wind.

Avoid Big tobacco

According to the World Health Organization tobacco kills around 6 million people a year. It's estimated that over 600,000 innocent bystanders die from exposure to second hand smoke. Throughout the late 20th century tobacco companies in the US used an army of lawyers and deceitful practices to instill doubt about the harms of smoking. Tobacco companies now prey on the vulnerable children of the poorest countries in the world with little regulation. Impact Fiduciary is proud to have no exposure to any domestic tobacco companies.



Factory farms

Factory farms and livestock are estimated to be responsible for over 14% of global emissions contributing to the warming of our planet. The increased use of antibiotics to raise animals in such unnatural and inhumane conditions contributes to obesity and other major health issues.

Stop Deforestation

Deforestation is responsible for a decrease of 50% of biodiversity in the world and upwards of 20% of global greenhouse emissions. Impact Fiduciary focuses on consumer goods companies committed to sustainable methods of extracting commodities and resources.  Source: Forest 500,


Responsible pharmaceutical companies

Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death among Americans under 50. Half of overdoses are from prescription drugs. A handful of big pharma companies are subject to lawsuits for misleading advertising and marketing bad research to physicians. Impact Fiduciary avoids companies that are profiting from the opioid epidemic. Instead we focus on companies serving the greater good and tackling ambitious challenges like curing cancer.

No Firearm manufacturers

Most Americans support common sense gun laws and regulations like not allowing people with mental issues or suspected terrorists to purchase military style guns. The NRA and gun lobby strongly disagrees. Impact Fiduciary is proud to have no direct exposure to gun manufacturers.